Saturday, 12 August 2017

Toasting Marshmallows over a Fire!

Hey Everyone!

Tonight we had an awesome time toasting our marshmallows over a fire in our backyard! We've been enjoying this wintertime activity for many years! I stole the family camera so I could take pictures, and so without further ado, I will show you the pics!

Jarrod had a nice fire going when I came outside.
Bryce helped and looked on!

Why not take a selfie?!

Waiting for the marshmallows to toast.

Jarrod got tired of waiting... (he didn't eat these marshmallows!
We weren't sure if the gas made them inedible.)

Monique illustrating a statement she made: (a marshmallow had just exploded in the fire, and she's insinuating her face is covered in sticky marshmallow and rather burnt,) "This is what happens when a marshmallow explodes."  

Whoops!! Caught in the act!!

*Miss* Laura was happy to be outside!

Jarrod kindly toasted Laura's marshmallows for her.

If you see white dust on our faces, that's from the marshmallows!

It went from this: (one marshmallow),

to this: (four marshmallows) very quickly!!

My poor parents have done this with us for many years! (It never gets old for the kids!)


When you get tired!

I finally got a selfie with this amazing brother!

We had fun lighting our sticks afterwards!! 

This is a bit of baked apple - the first time we've tried baking anything in a fire!

It was a little burnt on one side! 

Maria decided to climb the tree, away from the heat!

Anyways, I've got to go! Hope y'all enjoy my (rather comical) pics!


Friday, 28 July 2017

Informal Photoshoot

Hey Everybody!

Today I decided to dress up and take a few pics! Of course, since I can't take pics of myself - nice ones, anyway - I had to get one of my siblings to help!! I got Diana, and decided to take a few pics of her as well!! And then when we were almost finished, Maria decided she wanted me to take some pics of her as well!! (And we all enjoyed dressing up! :P)

Diana's photos

Maria's photos

And my photos! (Thank you Diana!) 

Once again, thank you Diana!! :)

Hopefully y'all enjoy these photos!


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Cutting Firewood - With an Axe!!!

So when we cut our tree down, we had all the wood from it left. Some of it we put into a mulcher/chipper, to put into the chickens' run, and the other wood - well, we begged Jarrod to let us try to chop it with an axe, like old-fashioned people! So he agreed to let us use his axe, which we were all pretty happy about! Here are some pics of the others; there are no pics of me! :( The others did pretty well... they cut a little!! But I was making dinner, and was in a bit of a rush, so I didn't really try properly, and consequently I didn't get anywhere with the block I was trying to cut!

Even the little girls got a turn!

I think Diana was the most enthusiastic of all!

Hope y'all enjoyed the pics!


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

We Cut Our Tree Down

Hey everyone!

A couple (or was it a few?) weeks ago, Jarrod borrowed a friend's chainsaw, and embarked on the task of chopping down our big cherry tree that had been in our backyard more than 20 years! So it was kind of a big event! He climbed up the tree, and cut the branches off one by one, and then slowly chopped it down to a small stump. The wood was cut up, and we're hoping to sell it for firewood. The very small branches and leaves were thrown into a wood-chipper that we borrowed 2 days afterward, and that was a big task! Here are some pics:

With his axe - I think he's going to chop off a small branch!

It's a big tree!

Look at the ground! (I can't see it!)

Workin' hard.

That doesn't look very comfortable to me!

Gettin' closer!
What a mess!!

So that was what we did a couple of weeks ago! (Correction: This is what Jarrod, Dad, and Bryce did. The rest of us basically just stood there surveying the work.) :P

Danielle :)

Monday, 8 May 2017

Kate's 13th Birthday Party!

A few Saturdays ago, most of my family drove down to Taupo for my friend's birthday party. I hadn't seen her (Kate) for at least 2 years, and before that, another couple of years. So it was pretty special to see her again!

Kate and I met at a conference. We were both drying dishes in the kitchen, and hit off talking and laughing while we were working. When we were done, we were disappointed that we had to go back to listen to the speakers and be quiet! Talking is just so much more fun! :P

So anyway, as I was saying, we went down to Taupo for her 13th birthday party! As we tried to figure out the right roads, and get there on time, it became pretty exciting. I mean, isn't it exciting turning down the road of your friend who you haven't seen for years?! I think it is. Every so often I would say, *fast intake of breath* "This is so exciting! I can't wait!"

At the party, we socialized, (really meaning awkward laughing and talking with equally embarrassed people you've never met), and then..... ate! Now, isn't that just the best part?! I'm going to go against true Jago style and not tell you what we ate. (Haha!) No, just kidding. We had burritos and corn chips, along with a delicious drink (according to Mum and Monique) that I didn't taste. Now I'm disappointed I didn't have it!

We had games after eating, (I think we had long enough to digest our food!), which were pretty fun although the ground was very slippery and everyone was slipping and sliding!

Lovin' the western saddle on the right!

I don't think that quite worked!


::The Mommy gang::

Me, Mom, Monique

The girls - funny assortment!!

One of the games - Monique's a cowboy!

Waiting for a game to start.

Eating!! Or rather, after eating. Notice the satisfied look on everyone's faces?? :D

Driving back, we were all sleepy, which accounted for a little something that could have ended up in an accident... but that's another story!

Enjoy reading, 

Danielle :)

Note: I didn't take these photos; a couple of Kate's sisters did. :)