Tuesday, 20 June 2017

We Cut Our Tree Down

Hey everyone!

A couple (or was it a few?) weeks ago, Jarrod borrowed a friend's chainsaw, and embarked on the task of chopping down our big cherry tree that had been in our backyard more than 20 years! So it was kind of a big event! He climbed up the tree, and cut the branches off one by one, and then slowly chopped it down to a small stump. The wood was cut up, and we're hoping to sell it for firewood. The very small branches and leaves were thrown into a wood-chipper that we borrowed 2 days afterward, and that was a big task! Here are some pics:

With his axe - I think he's going to chop off a small branch!

It's a big tree!

Look at the ground! (I can't see it!)

Workin' hard.

That doesn't look very comfortable to me!

Gettin' closer!
What a mess!!

So that was what we did a couple of weeks ago! (Correction: This is what Jarrod, Dad, and Bryce did. The rest of us basically just stood there surveying the work.) :P

Danielle :)

Monday, 8 May 2017

Kate's 13th Birthday Party!

A few Saturdays ago, most of my family drove down to Taupo for my friend's birthday party. I hadn't seen her (Kate) for at least 2 years, and before that, another couple of years. So it was pretty special to see her again!

Kate and I met at a conference. We were both drying dishes in the kitchen, and hit off talking and laughing while we were working. When we were done, we were disappointed that we had to go back to listen to the speakers and be quiet! Talking is just so much more fun! :P

So anyway, as I was saying, we went down to Taupo for her 13th birthday party! As we tried to figure out the right roads, and get there on time, it became pretty exciting. I mean, isn't it exciting turning down the road of your friend who you haven't seen for years?! I think it is. Every so often I would say, *fast intake of breath* "This is so exciting! I can't wait!"

At the party, we socialized, (really meaning awkward laughing and talking with equally embarrassed people you've never met), and then..... ate! Now, isn't that just the best part?! I'm going to go against true Jago style and not tell you what we ate. (Haha!) No, just kidding. We had burritos and corn chips, along with a delicious drink (according to Mum and Monique) that I didn't taste. Now I'm disappointed I didn't have it!

We had games after eating, (I think we had long enough to digest our food!), which were pretty fun although the ground was very slippery and everyone was slipping and sliding!

Lovin' the western saddle on the right!

I don't think that quite worked!


::The Mommy gang::

Me, Mom, Monique

The girls - funny assortment!!

One of the games - Monique's a cowboy!

Waiting for a game to start.

Eating!! Or rather, after eating. Notice the satisfied look on everyone's faces?? :D

Driving back, we were all sleepy, which accounted for a little something that could have ended up in an accident... but that's another story!

Enjoy reading, 

Danielle :)

Note: I didn't take these photos; a couple of Kate's sisters did. :)

Friday, 21 April 2017

My friend Julia

A couple of weeks ago a family in our church from America visited their cousins. (the parents' brother and sister-in-law.) The oldest girl is a year younger than me, and we got along REALLY well!
They left earlier this week, which was pretty sad, but we look forward to seeing each other again!

I'll share some pics from the time they were here.

Me and Julia!

Love you, Julia! <3

Julia, Me, and Monique

Monique, Julia, Me

This is at the airport just before they left. 

Missing you so much, Julia!

Danielle :)

The Three Little Pigs!? (Whoops, - Robbers!)

So one day the little kids decided to have some fun, and scare Mum when she came home, by dressing in dark colours, and pretending to be robbers.

They had a lot of fun dressing up! (Okay, I admit, I did help them a little!)

Waiting for Mum to arrive.

Trying to look scary! :P

Ready to scare whoever comes in!

Notice the bandanas on their faces? They had just recently seen that idea. :)

They didn't actually scare Mum, but they had some fun when she pretended to be scared!! :P I think Mum may have had the most fun pretending! :D 

Danielle :)

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Beach! (Even though it was cold!)

On Friday the 10th of February, most of us went to the beach. Dad and Jarrod, of course, did not come, since they both work. For those of you who you haven't heard yet, Jarrod is now an apprentice builder! And he's happy with his job, which is the best thing! :D

We'd been planning to go for a while, since we want to make the best of the so-called summer weather. (That week the weather was trying to remember what it's like in winter.) We'll hopefully go again on a nice sunny day!

Bee and Mum just lay sun-bathing - trying to! - and the rest of us tried to make the most of the water. If you noticed our togs (swimsuits), Mum made all of them from patterns!

Laura watching us, waiting to go in. We just went in anyway. *Sheepish grin*

Hard work, dragging that board!

Annnnd, trying to do something creative...

Too much sand in the picture?

I got Laura to pose; no one else would!

And I tried to see the beach through her legs. Didn't quite work!

I'll hopefully be posting again sometime soon!

Danielle :D

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

My Cat had Kittens!!

I think y'all know that I have a cat called Addee (Full name: Addallee Grace Jago).  And y'all most likely know that I named her after Addallee Bates, a 10-year-old girl who is the 15 child in a family of 21. The Bates live in America! (So no, I haven't met them!)

Addee isn't even 1 year old yet, but she had kittens 2 weeks and 2 days ago. It was on Mum's birthday, so Mum keeps joking that she had a lovely birthday present! Just so I remember, it was on the 21st of November.

Before dinner on Monday, (the 21st!), Addee was showing herself to be a bit restless, a sign that birth is getting closer. Mum took this hint, and started trying to hurry things so that we'd not be really busy when Addee gave birth, because we wanted to watch the birth. We ended up having dinner, and doing quite a few things before Addee went down the the bedroom (where her box is) and lay down. I just thought, 'Oh good! She's accepting her box!' We'd been trying to introduce her to the box for a while, and just keep putting her in it so she knew that's where she belonged for the birth. But then a little while later, Diana came and said, 'Danielle! I think Addee is going have her kittens!' So I was like, 'Yeahhh...' Diana had said that several times in the past few days... so I didn't take it for granted. But when I went down and checked on Addee, I realized that she was getting closer to birth. I told Mum, who agreed with me, (we had researched about how to know when a cat is about to go into labour) and we all tried to organise ourselves like this: Behind me are Monique and Bianca!


Addee had three kittens, and though they all looked black at birth, the first one is black with a white tummy, the second is black with a white mouth/moustache and tummy, and the third is a grey tabby. We don't know really, but we think the first is a girl, and the second and third are boys. 

Aren't the kittens sooo adorable? I'll have to post some newer pictures of them again soon.  
Anyway, the kittens are bigger now, and they're making so much noise when they want to! (Any of you who live close enough (!) should contact me and pop in to see them! You won't be disappointed!

Well, I should go now, considering it's 11:06 pm.  Why does time move so quickly??!

Hope y'all enjoy reading (and watching) this!


Sunday, 2 October 2016

Visit to the Coromandel!!

A couple of weeks ago, we went to visit a family we know that recently (or not!) moved down to Tapu, near Thames. They have about 32 1/2 acres of land, and are aiming to live off the land. They have a river (a small one), bush, land, and a barn that they're living in right now. 

I wish I could post some photos of the barn, but I don't think we have many, if any. 

When we arrived at about morning tea time, and we were shown around the barn, although I missed the 'Grand Tour', because I went to water the cow with Esther. We got water from the stream/river, and had to do two trips with buckets. Our boots became pretty muddy with clay (how do I say that!?) while we were there, because they have a lot of clay there. 

We had lunch, and then some of us walked to the swing they have, that swings off a sort-of cliff. Jarrod was convinced to have a try, (that swing is not what we expected at all!), and then I had a go from the ground, then I started from higher, and then I started off the mounting block. (I don't really know what to call it!) One of the kids mentioned that I was the easiest to convince to start off the mounting block! The swing was definitely one of the highlights of our visit there. I enjoyed it a lot!

When we got back to the barn, I looked through their library, and borrowed a couple of books. We enjoyed the swing that was inside the barn - in the dining room! It was hanging from the roof. 

Downstairs in the barn, there is the dining room, the library, (the library is just a couple of bookcases pushed together to create a room.), the lounge, the wetback stove, the laundry, the bathroom, and the kitchen. I'm sure there are more things, but I can't remember now. :) Upstairs you go straight into the girl's room, which actually has a little room off it, the parent's room, and then you go up a small step ladder into the roof, where the girls play, and then it has half partitioned off by a sheet where the boys sleep. To prevent the boys tramping through the girl's room when they go into their room, they hung a rope from the roof with a couple of knots through a trapdoor, which the boys can climb into their room. The rope hangs down into the dining room. 

Esther, Hannah, Monique and I got permission to watch 'Come What May' in the sleep-out, and we were interrupted by one of the kids - we had wanted to try to milk the cow, and now was the best time to milk. So a couple of us were able to get a couple of squirts, and then we went back to watch the rest of the movie, before we had dinner. After dinner, we had worship, and had to leave, in order to get back home after 10 o'clock, I think. Driving along country roads, some right next to water, made us slow down, especially in the dark. 

Before I forget to tell you, in order to get to the barn, you have to drive through the ford across the river. The river/stream flows over the concrete slab, and so Mum was like, "Ahh! I don't want to drive through this!" And then when we were leaving, the dad agreed to drive through the ford for us, since it was dark, and he would have a better idea of where the ford was. Mum was just waiting to be on dry land, when all of a sudden the driver stopped, and and looked back, seeing if we were enjoying ourselves. Most of us were laughing, and Mum joined in somewhat nervously. When we were finally on dry land, Mum gladly took over the driving!

I hope you all enjoy reading this.