Thursday, 14 December 2017

Unloading a 20-foot Shipping Container

Hey Everyone! 

A couple of days ago, we had a shipping container full of straws and gerbera tubes arrive at work, and, as usual, some of us were recruited to help unpack, and then load them inside the warehouse. 
This container was only a 20-footer, sometimes we get 40-footers. Since they were only straws and tubes, the boxes were reasonably light, unlike some boxes we get! 

Abby (my cousin) and Diana unloading in the container.

This is mostly what I was doing - stacking them onto pallets.
Each different size of box requires a different way to stack!

The shipping container (behind the cars!)

Dad used the fork-lift to take the pallets of stacked boxes to the warehouse,
where Uncle Paul and a few kids re-stacked them onto the mezzanine. 

It was helpful having Rita, since she's pretty tall! (When I get the top boxes, 
they normally fall on top of me, and I have to carefully move one at a time!)

Well, hope you enjoy the pics!

Danielle :)

PS. The pics were taken on a phone, so please excuse the quality. 

Friday, 17 November 2017

Kayaking at the Shellings' Farm

After I rode their dirt bike, I noticed that the children had out the kayaks, and since I had been wanting to kayak for the first time, I checked with Esther, and she and I went over to the river.
I still had my clothes on, so we put a towel in the kayak to keep me (somewhat) dry. :D

Thank you, Esther, for the photos and the help when I got stuck!
Esther <3

Bryce likes to try out new things! I think this was his first time kayaking also. 

Monique came out to watch.

Hope y'all enjoy the pictures. 
Danielle :)

Biking at the Shellings' Farm

Hey Everyone!
Sorry about my negligence!

Yesterday Bianca, my oldest sister, surprised some of us by taking us to visit the Shellings! It was a nice and sunny day.

One of the highlights of my day was riding their dirt bike. My dad doesn't really like us riding motorbikes until we're (probably about 30), so this was the first time I've ever ridden an adult-size manual dirt bike.

(For the record, I fell off twice, stalled about five times, and nearly crashed into the fence. :D )

Thanks for teaching me to ride, Daniel. :)
And thank you, Esther, for the photos!

Danielle :)

Sunday, 1 October 2017

An Interminable Fable

Hey Everyone!

This is a kinda funny 'fable' I wrote for my English a while ago.
I got a little carried away and decided to use the thesaurus to find words to use that I'd never heard of before. :D Hence the word 'interminable'. (Tip: you may need to use the dictionary!!)

An Interminable Fable

One rarefied day, in the middle of a dense forest, a mother lion was sharing food with her pusillanimous cubs, a girl and a boy. The boy, who was much more condolent than this sister, and who had heard that a family of deer was sick, decided to take some meat to them.

"We eat deer, you obtuse cub! You should eradicate their society all-together! Taking them food is preposterous!" his sister scoffed.

But her brother took the food the deer anyway, and they were very grateful. He continued taking food, although sometimes his sister followed him to yell insults at them.

It was a cold morning when the mother lion was stalking a moose. She pounced, but the moose was brawny and muscular, and he gained supremacy quickly. Eventually the voracious and debilitated lion had to give up, and the moose exterminated her.

Wails from the woeful cubs absconded the forest. They couldn't get their own food. What could they do?

The girl cub tried to kill a rabbit, but all she got was fur in her stomach, and an excruciating hunger. She lay in the loam, and starved.

However, the deer family had heard of their plight, and they scurried to salvage the cub and to nourish him. They left the previously mocking sister, who was dying. They raised the boy cub themselves, and he was never hungry again.

Yeah, that was a typical ending. Sorry!!

Still, I hope it affords you some joy and laughter!

Danielle :)

The American Civil War - A Poem

Hey Everyone! I haven't got a whole lot to say, so I thought I'd post a poem instead. ;) I wrote this poem a couple of years ago, and I haven't edited it since.

I hope y'all enjoy it!!

Danielle :)

The American Civil War

War is in rumours
of trouble with slaves,
The South wants its freedom
to decide all its ways.

Wives lose their husbands
brides lose their grooms,
Fiancée's lose intendeds,
as war closely looms.

Not all find it easy
although many serenely
Try to keep steady
while shouting "Be ready!"

Though going off quietly
acting along;
So as not to scare family,
but not for too long.

It cost them their lives.
War is a sad sentence,
of death or of torture
so bad none could choose.

Either horrible torture,
unbearable pain;
Or terrible death -
this comes with each claim.

The war is over,
all is lost!
Our men -  our family
at war's cruel cost.

Not one could forget it
this terrible time,
No matter how old
they were at the time.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Toasting Marshmallows over a Fire!

Hey Everyone!

Tonight we had an awesome time toasting our marshmallows over a fire in our backyard! We've been enjoying this wintertime activity for many years! I stole the family camera so I could take pictures, and so without further ado, I will show you the pics!

Jarrod had a nice fire going when I came outside.
Bryce helped and looked on!

Why not take a selfie?!

Waiting for the marshmallows to toast.

Jarrod got tired of waiting... (he didn't eat these marshmallows!
We weren't sure if the gas made them inedible.)

Monique illustrating a statement she made: (a marshmallow had just exploded in the fire, and she's insinuating her face is covered in sticky marshmallow and rather burnt,) "This is what happens when a marshmallow explodes."  

Whoops!! Caught in the act!!

*Miss* Laura was happy to be outside!

Jarrod kindly toasted Laura's marshmallows for her.

If you see white dust on our faces, that's from the marshmallows!

It went from this: (one marshmallow),

to this: (four marshmallows) very quickly!!

My poor parents have done this with us for many years! (It never gets old for the kids!)


When you get tired!

I finally got a selfie with this amazing brother!

We had fun lighting our sticks afterwards!! 

This is a bit of baked apple - the first time we've tried baking anything in a fire!

It was a little burnt on one side! 

Maria decided to climb the tree, away from the heat!

Anyways, I've got to go! Hope y'all enjoy my (rather comical) pics!


Friday, 28 July 2017

Informal Photoshoot

Hey Everybody!

Today I decided to dress up and take a few pics! Of course, since I can't take pics of myself - nice ones, anyway - I had to get one of my siblings to help!! I got Diana, and decided to take a few pics of her as well!! And then when we were almost finished, Maria decided she wanted me to take some pics of her as well!! (And we all enjoyed dressing up! :P)

Diana's photos

Maria's photos

And my photos! (Thank you Diana!) 

Once again, thank you Diana!! :)

Hopefully y'all enjoy these photos!